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Our current School Improvement Plan (2015-2018) builds on previous work as well as giving us the opportunity to embark on new projects. These projects are:

Project 1

Helping Pupils Without Making Them Helpless - a safe and nurturing environment


  • To develop staff skills in managing behaviours of concern

  • To ensure and promote consistency in use of HPWMTH toolkits across the school.

School Aims

  • To create a supportive & positive ethos

  • To support each pupil to reach their full potential

Project 2

Curriculum for Excellence


  • To embed the use of ICT in learning and Teaching across the curriculum

  • Ensure HWB and Responsibility of All will be embedded in learning and teaching across the curriculum

  • To further develop CfE approaches across the school and enhance learning and teaching

  • Further develop Senior Phase

  • To develop an integrated maths curriculum from P1-S3

School Aims

  • To provide a broad, balanced, child-centred curriculum

  • To develop a high quality educational experience in a purpose built environment

Project 3

Vision and aims for Kingspark School


  • A range of focus groups with all stakeholders to gather views and consult on Vision and aims.

School Aims

  • To create a supportive & positive ethos

  • To promote multi-disciplinary consultation