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Frequently Asked Questions

Kingspark Primary Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

School opening and closing times

School begins at 9am and ends, for the pupils, at 3pm. There is a morning interval of 15 minutes and a lunch-break of 45 minutes. The day is split into 7 periods, 4 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.

School Dinners

All pupils at Kingspark remain in school at lunchtime, when they are closely supervised.

As in all other schools, parents/carers are expected to pay for school meals, except where the family have applied for free school meals.

The kitchen staff, in consultation with the Health Board dieticians, cater for pupils who have special dietary requirements of any kind.

Kingspark Uniform

We feel it is very important in Kingspark, as in any school, to help the pupils feel that they 'belong'. So we encourage all parents to buy a school polo shirts and sweatshirts. These, and other items of school uniform, are available through BE Schoolwear.  Items can be purchased via their online system or directly from the shop in Commercial Street, Dundee.

How do I make an appointment to see my child's teacher or School Management Team?

It is important that school and home work together for the benefit of all pupils, and it is particularly important that there is good communication between school and home.  We encourage communication through formal and informal channels and operate an ‘open door’ policy where we are always happy to speak to parents either by phone or in person if they have any matters they wish to discuss.

The following are ways in which we promote communication with parents/carers:          

  • Home-School Day Books
  • termly School Notes          
  • annual School Reports   
  • Parent Contact Evenings             
  • consultation on targets contained in the Single Child Plan
  • consultation regarding Behaviour care Plans
  • Team Around the Child planning meetings
  • telephone calls
  • informal meetings as appropriate.


If you have any concern, please do not hesitate to contact the school. Your initial contact should be made with the person who is the appropriate link Depute Head Teacher. If you later require further assistance, please ask to speak to the Head Teacher..