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The Secondary Department caters for pupils from 1st to 6th year with wide ranging difficulties. It is a very well resourced department where colleagues share good practice in their desire to address the individual needs of all pupils.  The staff in the department work hard to encourage and help all pupils to reach their true potential. The positive learning environment helps address behaviour through consistency and achievement.

All pupils are given the opportunity to learn life skills in the community. Weekly bus outings relating to specific topics and courses put things into a real life context. We are fortunate enough to have nearby school, a public Library and local supermarkets. This helps greatly with communication and money handling skills.

Some 4th year pupils get the opportunity to link with the Dundee College and often full time placements result. Others will have this opportunity deferred until 5th or 6th year depending on their future plans. Pupils are bussed into Kingspark, therefore, Independent travel is very important and confidence is gained through assessment and practical sessions on Public transport.

Work experience in the community or in house, gives pupils a taste of the world of work. The placement is established after pupils carry out a programme of study to determine what their strengths skills and interests are.

The department staff all work very hard to give the correct level of support to our young people, bearing in mind the need to promote the development of skills that will take them from school into an adult world.